April 2022 Application Guidelines

Course/Course length

Department Course
The Department of Applied Japanese ■The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University Course (1 year)
■National/Public University Preparatory Course (1 year)
■Graduate School Preparatory Course (1 year)
■Famous Private University Preparatory Course (1 year)
■Advanced Japanese Course (1 year / Morning Classes)
■Advanced Japanese Course (1 year / Afternoon Classes)
■Advanced Japanese Course (2 years / Morning Classes)
■Advanced Japanese Course (2 years / Afternoon Classes)
The Department of International Business ■Dual Business (100% job guarantee) Course (1 year)
■Management & Marketing Course (2 years)
The Department of Communication ■Services & Interpretation Course (2 years)

Admission Requirement

  1. Those who have studied at the Japanese language school for more than 6 months, or have the certificate of JLPT N2 or above, or scored higher than 200 points on EJU Japanese Test. (Except the score of EJU Japanese Writing)
  2. Those who have completed 12-year-school education in their countries, as the basic rule.
  3. Those who have got higher than 85% attendance rate at the Japanese language school.
  4. To those who have applied Dual Business (100% job guarantee) Course (1 year), their age should be younger than 28 years old when enrollment (April 2nd, 2022) and must have a bachelor degree.
  5. If you have the visa other than “Student,” please consult with us before submitting application.

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